About TheRetailPlanet.com

TheRetailPlanet.com (TRP) was founded to fill an important gap in the science of retail locations by shifting the focus from retailers to all organizations that touch retail property decision-making including brokers, property managers, cities, financial institutions, consumers and retailers. Our vision was to build new, live databases of retailers, shopping centers and retail districts and then construct an analytics platform based on Google maps to replace, historical GIS platforms that tend to have IT requirements, data license requirements and software requirements. Anyone in the retail industry who can use Google Maps can use our powerful, intuitive tools for site selection, market planning and customer analysis.

TRP has partnered with Real Capital Analytics and ICSC to offer a comprehensive US and Global Shopping Center databases for license. Our unique tools for brokers and property managers offer the first scientific solution to one of the most challenging problems in filling retail vacancies, determining which major chains belong in any location --- and providing reports to help recruit them.

By executing our vision TheRetailPlanet.com is breaking new ground in providing unique intelligence for the Retail industry.


Dr. Richard Fenker, Founder, Board Member

Rich was one of the Founders of TRP and has been actively involved with the retail industry for more than 30 years In 1982, he founded Tangram Corporation, a forecasting company specializing in customer research and sales forecasting for retailers. In 2002, he founded Prediction Analytics (which was sold to Experian in 2005), and developed the first online real estate forecasting system (TAOS) with auto-prediction logic (CHARMS) that constructs optimal forecasting logic and equations in real-time. He is the author of more than 500 published articles, papers, books and technical briefs in a dozen scientific areas. His books on retail site selection ("The Site Book: A Guide to Commercial Real Estate Evaluation" and "BrandScore: How Retailers Find Their Place") are still available today. In 2012 he was honored by the New Mexico Business Weekly with the "Who's Who in Technology" Award.

Rich creates most of the educational materials for TRP, serves as a Board Member and also provides consulting services to our clients. Rich is focused today on writing two new books on retail forecasting.