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Have you ever wished that you could better quantify the appeal of a specific site for a specific tenant within your city or municipality? How valuable would it be to identify the exact chain store with the best potential for a location within your city – out of the thousands of retail and restaurant chains that are constantly looking for new store locations? now offers an incredibly powerful tool to give Municipalities, Cities and Economic Developers a ranked list of the best suited retail brands for a specific location within your city, using our revolutionary BrandScore for Retailers.

BrandScore for Retailers is a powerful retail location screening and scoring system that combines local demographics, consumer preferences, and retail synergies to produce a single numeric measure representing the business potential of your specific location for each of the more than 3,000 chain store operations contained in our database. Using our TopBrand Report, you can instantly receive a ranked list of the best possible retail tenants to target for your specific US location.

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