Acquistion Case Study

A simple Acquisition Analysis might look at the potential value of one competitor to your concept by examining all of the chain's locations and assessing their relevance. Because TheRetailPlanet has already rated all retail locations for over 1,000 chains we can raise acquisition research to a new level and look at multiple chains at the same time. The new question becomes: Which competitors offer the most potential to your chain, based on their current locations, if an acquisition was possible?

To answer this question, please take a look at the case study we created for Wendy's. Notice that for a chain to be a good acquisition must meet several requirements:

  • Most of its locations are in markets where Wendy's has a slight or modest presence so there strong potential for future expansion
  • A high percentage of the trade areas for the chain's current locations have no Wendy's present.
  • The Location Scores for Wendy's on the other chain's sites are consistently high.
  • The Trade Area Customer Scores for Wendy's on the other chain's sites are high (meaning that these trade areas have people who like Wendy's living there).