Solutions for Brokers

Identify the Best Tenants

Score all of the retailers, in our sample of 1,100 chains and 80 retail categories, to learn which belong at your retail location.

Recruit Chain Retailers

When you find high scoring retail chains for your property recruit them by creating a custom report in less than a minute.

Find Customers

We know where the potential customers live for any chain retailer you want to recruit and show them on Google Maps!

Get Expert Help

Not every problem has a canned solution. Our researchers and consultants are the best in the world. Contact us for assistance.


The TRP Analytics Platform for Brokers and Property Managers is sold as an annual subscription. These are powerful online systems that enjoys the full benefits of using the live Google Maps API versus traditional GIS tools.

A Scientific Approach to Filling Center Vacancies

Grading Retailers Makes Recruitment a Snap

The best intelligence depends on having the best data. We have our own shopping center and retailer databases and detailed knowledge of the 860,000 retail districts in the United States, ranging from small areas with a few retailers to downtown Manhattan.


We wrote the book on Retail Site Selection! Our Founder, Dr. Richard Fenker, wrote "The Site Book" and. "How Retailers Find Their Place: Introducing BrandScore."

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