Find Customers

Would you like to offer your chain retailer clients unique intelligence on their customers to help recruit them? For most chains we have looked at every square kilometer in the US and found where customers who like these chains lives; then, we have made it possible for you to find them on Google Maps! Using the Market Planning tools that are part of your TRP Analytics Platform for Brokers system you can examine any US market to see where potential customers live and then zoom to a local level around your center to view the details of nearby neighborhoods. Do you see customers for the chains you want to recruit? In a few seconds you can create a map to include in your recruitment package showing where these customers are located.

How do we know who each retailer's customers are and where they live? We have partnered with Experian to obtain consumer preference data on thousands of retail brands and products --- and then applied these to every US geography in the TRP Analytics Platform for Brokers. Now, viewing them on Google Maps is a snap.