Solutions for Franchisees & Small Retailers

Our unique tools for small retailers and franchisees evaluating individual locations or planning where to go in a market are offered by our partners and, and developed by our founder, Richard Fenker. offers companies looking at individual sites, many of the same kinds of intelligence and reports available to major chains --- and some of this intelligence is free. It also offers a variety of free educational materials that can help.

Every year over 200,000 small retailers and franchisees will close their store or restaurant, in part, because of a weak location. These are expensive failures because often the owners have invested and lost their personal savings or the savings of family and friends. Our mission at is to help reduce the risk of selecting a weak location that adds to a chance of failure.

Reports Available Include:

  • FREE Location Report grading any site you are considering
  • Detailed Location Report
  • Comprehensive Report Package (multiple reports on the location)
  • Market Planning Map (shows where you should consider locating in the market)
  • Customer Map (show where your potential customers live)
  • Media Report (shows how to best reach your customers)

To order reports for your locations (while is under construction) please click here.