Get Expert Help team, working with our partners, offers expert consultation, analysis and custom solutions to many problems that touch retailers and the industry segments that support them: brokers, property managers, investors, cities, professional organizations, vendors and others. We have been working in the US retail space since 1976 and internationally since 1997. We have helped over 1,000 retail chains and many small retailers with our consultation, models, reports, books, seminars and other products. In 2012 over 50,000 reports were generated using our online products and data.

Our approach to consultation is straightforward:

  • All initial conversations with our consultants are free and carry no obligation to use our services.
  • Before offering a consultative solution or proposal we often recommend a few hours of research to better understand the limits of the problem and the best options for solving it.
  • If part of the problem involves a forecasting model we often are able to guarantee the accuracy of the final solution before we construct the model.
  • We bring a wealth of experience and capability to the table to solve your problem. Our team includes experts in database development and management, statistics and modeling, market planning and site selection, merchandise optimization, acquisitions, portfolio evaluation, risk scoring, customer analysis and much more.
  • If we have a good solution to offer you we propose it. If we don't we tell you.

When appropriate we also develop software, create custom web applications, design GIS tools (using the Google Maps API) and offer special data mining services from Internet sites or social media.

We specialize in helping retailers take the risk out of location analysis and in helping brokers, owners, cities and developers connect the best retailers with their centers or retail sites.

We are experts in international retailing and with our partner Experian have access to customer information, retail data, GIS tools and local experts to help solve your problem.