The TRP Analytics Platform for Brokers and Property Managers is sold as an annual subscription. These are powerful online systems that enjoy the full benefits of using the live Google Maps API versus traditional GIS tools. Imagine looking at a location and shifting from a traditional overhead view to a Street View to see details!

Each plan includes access to the following data:

  • 1,100+ National and Regional Retail Brands (900,000+ locations)
  • 170,000 Retail Centers including 47,000 Major Shopping Centers
  • 830,000 Retail Districts
  • 1,000,000 Retail Locations
  • Over 4 Trillion Location Scores for Chain Retailers

Each subscription also eliminates the need for:

  • IT Requirements
  • Software Licenses
  • Data Licenses
  • Use of a Proprietary GIS System

Our simple, inexpensive but powerful platform compliments your existing tools with intelligence and a perspective you don't currently have. Please select one of the groups below for more information.

We have subscription plans for:

Credit Card Processing
credit cards
  • Avoid Dog Locations
  • Find the Best Sites
  • Locate Your Customers
  • Identify the Top Retail Tenants
  • Create a Recruitment Package
  • Compare Chains by Category
  • Identify the Top Retail Tenants
  • Score Retailers for Your Property
  • Recruit Chains of Interest
  • This is for customers who have received a Special Offer code from one of representatives.