Solutions for Retailers

Find the Best Locations

There are over 4,000,000 retail locations in the United States. Your online Analytics Platform for Retailers scores them instantly.

Find Your Customers

We know where your potential customers live in every US market and we have made it possible for you to find them on Google Maps!

Analyze Your Competitors

Our unique technology allows you to score locations for key competitors and find their customers in any US market.

Forecast Sales

Our performance-based scores bring you the power of a sales forecasting model at a fraction of the cost and development time.

Maximize Sales & No Mistakes

Avoiding Dog Sites is a Good Start but You Need More

The best intelligence depends on having the best data. We have our own shopping center and retailer databases and detailed knowledge of the 860,000 retail districts in the United States, ranging from small areas with a few retailers to downtown Manhattan.


We wrote the book on Retail Site Selection! "The Site Book" by our Founder, Dr. Richard Fenker is available on Amazon. Click the link below to get a free copy of our most recent book.

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