Analyze Your Competitors

The TRP Analytics Platform for Retailers offers powerful tools never before available for analyzing competitors. The standard, out-of-the box system includes the option of displaying locations for any of the 1,110 major chains in our database. In addition, by licensing the Detailed Competitive Intelligence option for specific retailers of interest you can:

  • Score locations for a competitor using the same logic that was used to create scores for your company. TheRetailPlanet has constructed national location models for over 1,000 major chains. Each model is a custom model for that chain that understands their customers, their deployment patterns, synergistic retailers and much more. By "turning on" competitors in your company's Analytics Platform you can now see where they are projected to do well.
  • Find the competitor's customers. Imagine looking at any market in the US and not only seeing where your customers live but also finding the potential customers for any competitor! Would this help with your planning? As you plan markets you can anticipate where key competitors are likely to locate in the future by seeing concentrations of their customers that are underserved. Thinking about a local store marketing campaign? Why not target stores where you are strongly positioned in the trade area compared to the competition. Our Detailed Competitive Intelligence option makes this a snap.
  • Look for gaps in the market where you have the maximum competitive advantage relative to a competitor. These gaps represent areas or neighborhoods where preference for your concept is strong relative to that for a competitor. Do you think that will help with market planning? Not only can you do this analysis in current markets but in every market and retail location in the US!