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Avoiding Dog Sites is a Good Start but You Need More.

The best intelligence depends on having the best data. We have our own shopping center and retailer databases and detailed knowledge of the 860,000 retail districts in the United States, ranging from small areas with a few retailers to downtown Manhattan. Over 500 major chains in our database are updated weekly. We also constructed individual scoring models for over 1,000 major chains. No, a scoring model is not a simple demographic tool for the retailer but a complete modeling system that looks at actual consumer preference data to rate local trade areas, economic data, employment data, synergistic retailers, competition plus information on that retailer's current deployment patterns. We construct the model and then apply it to all 4,000,000 US retail locations so the scores are ready to use.

That means we know who the retailer's customers are, where they live, who the competitors are and where they are located. You can find locations where a preferred retailer is likely to be strong and a key competitor weak. No other company offers this level of intelligence because it is difficult, expensive and time-consuming to develop --- four years of work and 20 trillion data points are in our online database on the Cloud. All available in a few seconds on your browser.

This new intelligence makes a whole new science of retail property analysis available now. Some years ago, using traditional methods, we did an analysis of all major US markets for Applebee's in order to estimate the full growth potential of the chain. We did this fairly quickly and so took only 12 months to complete. Using our new scoring technology today this process would take a few hours and be much more accurate!